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3 - The Looming Threat

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  • 3 - The Looming Threat

    Reliquary - AI Central Chamber
    Beta Praxis System - Gamma Quadrant
    Year 2 - Day 172

    “Begin interview - Lieutenant Commander Amanda Greystone, Chief Engineering Officer: USS Ride interviewing Reliquary Station Artificial Intelligence self-identified as ‘Voss.’ Voss came fully online one year prior to present, after the crew and I affected repairs to damaged components.”

    “Amanda, what are you doing?”

    “I’m providing historical context to our interview. When people listen to it, they’ll want to understand the chain of events that lead me to interviewing you about The Reliquary and the situation we’re in. My people are scientists and explorers, Voss. We understand the universe around it largely by shared data and experience.”

    “All data since the arrival of the crew of the USS Ride has been stored in my databanks and thusly can be referred to, should it be necessary. Historical context is unnecessary.”

    “It is necessary. People might not want to listen to anything except this interview and not have to pour over data from the last year just to figure out what happened. It’s my duty as the de-facto commander of the crew to present our story, if no one finds us.”

    “Yes, the statistical likelihood of Reliquary discovery by Federation or Dominion interests is low. Reliquary was placed on station as a tertiary backup to Builder systems spread throughout this local galactic area.”

    “Nonetheless, I’d like to think that a civilization as curious and spirited as the United Federation of Planets will find us eventually. Voss, you agreed to let me interview. Can we cut the pedantry and let me actually do that?”

    “Affirmative, Amanda. Proceed with your questions.”

    “The Reliquary is...well, ancient I guess is the best way to describe it. It pre-dates the Iconians, an ancient and long-dead civilization from our part of the galaxy. What was the original purpose of The Reliquary, when it was built?”

    “Builder scientists mandated a monitoring station, capable of factoring in capacity for local galactic area for sentient life. Reliquary database created seventeen time cycles after activation of Reliquary AI Voss, in order to catalogue and determine best practices for seeding of said life.”

    “So the Builders were going to seed intelligent life throughout the galaxy? They weren’t worried about the Dominion?”

    “At time of Reliquary de-activation, morphogenic species known colloquially as “Dominion” were a category 3 civilization. In your terms, Amanda, they were only capable of Warp 3 travel, and were not seen as a threat. After parsing the database from your vessel, Reliquary AI Voss has determined them to be a much greater threat than Builders anticipated. Extrapolation: this likely would not have been the case were the Builders still a galactic presence.”

    “Were there any other major powers in the quadrant that the Builders had their eyes on?”

    “It is pertinent to understand, Amanda, that the Builders used the Reliquary to monitor thousands of civilizations in the local galactic area, not all of them advanced.”

    “I get it, I’m just asking...I imagine the Builders knew of anyone that would be a threat to them, and would have kept an eye on them.”

    “No other factors in the local galactic area other than ‘The Others’ were deemed a threat during Reliquary original operational duration. Other species of note are indicated in the database. If it is a specific local example you are requesting, there was a Category 10 civilization approximately 120 lightyears from what you call the Bajoran Wormhole. Builders noted that within 700 to 1,000 time cycles, this civilization would have matched their own. Noticeable trend toward science and culture was of specific note. No designation was determined for this civilization.”

    “Interesting. Well...with all that time that’s passed, are they still around? Would they be able to find The Reliquary? They sound like they could be...sort of kindred spirits to the Federation.”

    “Unknown. As of recent re-activation, no traces of said civilization are present.”

    “Alright...let’s move on. You mentioned ‘The Others.’ Can you tell me a little about them? I can’t imagine people as scientifically minded as The Builders would have used so ominous a term for another powerful civilization.”

    “I cannot release that information to you, Amanda, for both the safety of Reliquary Operations, as well as your own. The Others were determined to be the greatest threat to life in the galaxy, and that they disappeared from the local galactic area is to be celebrated.”

    “I think most people would consider the Borg to be the greatest threat to life in the galaxy, Voss, but...that’s neither here nor there. Speaking of the Borg, about six months ago, a cube arrived at The Reliquary, correct?”

    “Affirmative. The species you have designated as Borg arrived to overtake or ‘assimilate’ The Reliquary. The Builders’ work cannot be sacrificed in this way. Steps were taken to ensure safety of Reliquary database as well as current inhabitants.”

    “Uh...yeah, you transported us all into pods, shot us off to a planet, and by the time we got back there wasn’t even a sign of wreckage. How the hell did you manage that?”

    “The Builders designed The Reliquary with an array of weaponry capable of eliminating any conceivable threat. I utilized this weaponry to eliminate the threat of the attacking force. I am mandated to do so.”

    “Comforting. Alright, my last question: are there any nearby civilizations that would have the capability to come to The Reliquary and rescue me and my crew?”

    “Affirmative. Both the entities you have titled ‘Federation’ and ‘Dominion’ have this capacity. The statistical likelihood of a rescue is low, but I have sent your distress call out on every subspace channel available.”

    “I see. Alright, interview over. Thank you, Voss.”

    “Affirmative. Reliquary AI Voss returning to standby.”