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    Moving On, Part 1
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    : Captain Emily Jones, Rear Admiral David Hutchinson
    Location: Deep Space 11
    Date: January 14th, 2389

    The Vindex had been towed back to Deep Space 11 after its disastrous mission. The conduit which it had been ordered to investigate had enveloped the ship and transported it across the Idran Region. After a very rough ride the Vindex emerged at the other side gravely wounded and was left without much of its vital systems as well as heavy casualties.

    Emily and much of the command crew had managed to survive the deadly passage and had worked solidly to formulate a plan of action to get a distress signal out. After four days adrift the Vindex had been towed back to the safety of Deep Space 11 by the Arizona and Georgia and the inquiry into the fateful mission had begun.

    Emily couldn't be any more thankful that her two daughters had survived. It had taken twelve hours to gain access to Deck 4 where they were located - thankfully uninjured. As she finished collecting the last of her belongings from her quarters Emily took one last look around before beaming off the ship - never to return. Emily had her doubts the damage could be repaired and initial investigations suggested her doubts weren't unfounded.

    Materialising back on the station she took her belongings to her quarters. Emily expected she would probably have the book thrown at her - and with a call to see Rear Admiral Hutchinson immediately echoing in her ears Emily prepared herself for the worst. Taking the long way to the Admiral's temporary office on the station Emily took a few moments to compose herself before pressing the chime to enter.

    "Enter" David called.

    Emily stepped inside the room and stood in the centre. The office was sparsely decorated and it was evident this was only a temporary base for Task Force 9's Executive Officer.

    "You requested to see me Admiral?" Emily said.

    David nodded. "I did. Please sit down Captain - can I get you anything?"

    Emily sat down as requested and declined David's offer. The Admiral was quite laid back and it was virtually impossible to predict what he was going to say - in this particular instance Emily knew he wanted to see her about the Vindex's mission. This was the first time Emily had been in charge of a mission which had gone so wrong and the ship was rendered beyond repair to everyone who had laid eyes on the damage report.

    "No thank you Admiral" Emily responded.

    David replicated himself a coffee before sitting down. The Vindex's mission had not gone well - and it appeared on the face of it Emily had disobeyed orders - but after reading the salvaged sensor logs from the ship it had appeared she had done everything she had been instructed to do.

    "I've called you here to discuss the mission and where we go from here" David said.

    Emily nodded. "I expected so Admiral"

    "Well I've had a chance to look at the sensor logs the damage control teams managed to salvage from the Vindex and they have also been viewed and verified by our analysts here. As you are aware your orders were to investigate the conduit from a safe distance with probes only and withdraw at the first sign of trouble - and after the review and analysis we are all satisfied that this is exactly what you did. Unfortunately now as the conduit has dissipated we cannot do any further studies to find out why the conduit unexpectedly enveloped the ship and transported it across the Idran Region. In further action is to be taken against you" David said.

    Emily didn't have much to say - it was bittersweet. She knew she'd followed her orders and the investigation into the ship's mission and the cause of its damage were both protocol - but there were many people who had been injured - some fatally.

    "Thank you Admiral" Emily responded.

    David loaded up his console and transferred a copy of the investigation's findings to Emily.

    "Here's a copy of what's relevant to you in the investigation. I'm also ordering you to take a break - take a couple of weeks off with you family and we'll meet again on January 28th" David said.

    Emily nodded. "Thank you. What about the Vindex?"

    "I expect Starfleet will want to try and salvage it considering it's not even a year old but time will tell. Either way the Vindex is being overseen by myself for now so you can go and spend some time with your family - which you can go and do right now. Leave everything to me" David responded.

    Emily nodded. She was grateful to the Admiral giving her some time out to gather her thoughts and spend time with her family - at least now she could properly think about what she wanted to do in the future. She wanted to stay in Starfleet but if there weren't any options which kept her in the Gamma Quadrant then Emily knew that she would have to give her future some serious consideration.

    "Thank you Admiral" Emily said.

    Emily then stood up and departed the room.
    Former USS Vindex CO (BF Sim of the Year 2016)