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  • Starfleet Intelligence Documentation.

    Starfleet Intelligence Configuration

    Written by TF93 Director of Intelligence

    Cmd.Vladimir Demochev

    January 25, 2018

    Starfleet Intelligence

    Starfleet Intelligence is composed of eight support commands for Starfleet Operations which is under the general jurisdiction of the Chief of Starfleet Operations. Similar to Starfleet Command, Intelligence Command was broken into three sub-divisions namely Administration, Strategic Plans along and finally Operations. A Deputy Chief heads each of the divisions and reports to the Assistant Director and Director of Starfleet Intelligence.

    Integral to maintaining military security within the border of the United Federation of Planet as well as political security of the Federation Council and Assembly. Due to its mandate, Starfleet Intelligence has been known to monitor as well as shape military, economic and sociopolitical situations both within and outside the Federation. As such, its duties range from investigating subversive elements to surveillance of enemy fleet movements.


    -Administration Division-

    Led by the Deputy Chief of Administration, its responsibilities for Starfleet Intelligence involves behind the scene activities with most of its personnel serving at central intelligence stations such as installations on the major home worlds. As such, Administration personnel are rarely sent into the field and only perform specific administrative assignments.

    Office of Public Affairs and Information

    The activities of Starfleet Intelligence are restricted to Starfleet personnel only. However, some information is occasionally distributed to the public through this office which releases declassified intelligence material with limited, non-specific information on Starfleet's intelligence operations. This serves as a media-briefing clear house and serves as Starfleet Intelligence’s public relations bureau or spokesperson which works to ensure that Federation civilians are not adversely affected by Starfleet's Intelligence operations.

    Office of Legislative Affairs

    This office of the division serves to keep the Federation Assembly informed of Intelligence operations and the needs of that Starfleet branch. It is also assigned with preparing detailed, confidential reports for the council. On certain occasions, it's been known to prepare joint reports with Starfleet Command's own office of legislative affairs when Intelligence requires additional appropriations. The staff personnel of this office are known to work closely with the Office of Financial Management.

    Office of Financial Management

    This office was responsible for predicting the necessary financial and disbursing all finances to Starfleet Intelligence’s various departments. The duty of this branch is keeping a complete and accurate record on all appropriations, expenditures and dispersal's. Its personnel work closely with the Office of Legislative Affairs.

    -Strategic Plans Division-

    This division is led by the Deputy Chief of Strategic Plans and its responsibilities consist of evaluating trends and what might affect Starfleet Intelligence and the Federation. As such, it is concerned with 'the big picture' and synthesizes information from many diverse sources. Its personnel distribute summaries of their findings as well as long-term projections for Starfleet Intelligence and most if its personnel are stationed at central intelligence stations such as installations on the major home worlds. They are noted as the most desk-bound of any of the many divisions with its staff members never operating in the field or outside their normal duty bases.

    Office of Intelligence Evaluation

    This office’s duty ie to both evaluate new candidates. This office also evaluates the potential danger for the Federation Assembly on intelligence gathering. They work closely with the Covert Operations Unit and even closer to the Clandestine Services inside of it.

    Office of Planning and Research

    Office of Policy Development

    Office of Resource Management

    Office of Internal Affairs

    Charged with keeping track of Starfleet operations to ensure that no security leaks may occur, the agents of this office are the only members of SI to have permission to have surveillance over Starfleet members and the internal security of the Starfleet Intelligence agents and operatives.

    Office of the Auditor General

    This is a sub office within the Internal Affair Office which works to ensure the most cost-effective use of Starfleet Intelligences resources. Their duties also entail them to investigate all violations committed by Intelligence personnel as well as enforce all regulations dictated by military protocol. Beyond investigating actions of fiscal responsibility or negligence, the Office of the Auditor General also provides advice on methods to correct the problem. Furthermore, this branch evaluates proposed Intelligence operations in order to determine if they meet with the regulations of the Federation and Starfleet such as the Prime Directive.

    Entire Intelligence operations can be restructured or canceled by the reports of the Auditor General. In addition, this office is also responsible for recommending violations to court martial of intelligence personnel which resulted in it being unofficially being nicknamed as the watchdog office. This office also evaluates the potential danger for the Federation Assembly on intelligence gathering.

    -Operations Division-

    This division is headed by the Deputy Chief of Operations and is the largest as well as most complex of the four Intelligence divisions. It is divided into three parts namely the Operating Forces Subdivision. These subdivisions are further divided into numerous smaller, more specialized departments. This division’s duties consist of intelligence acquisition and preliminary analysis along with all field operations as well as appropriate field support services. They are unconcerned with grand strategies or far-reaching consequences and are only interested in gathering intelligence and completing their mission objectives.

    Operating Forces Sub-division

    Overt Operations Unit

    These are the agents who serve openly on Starfleet vessels, Starbases or Planetary Bases as Intelligence Officers. Their mission can range from simple contact to investigation of information gathered by sources.

    Sixth Branch Sub-Department

    The sole purpose of this subdivision was to monitor alien pirate vessels and the ship attacked by them. Gathering information which could lead to identifying and localizing the base of operation that those pirate would used

    Covert Operations Unit

    The Covert Ops Unit serves as an underground work for SI. Most agents work in the shadows, either gathering information or rending enemy locations unusable (E.g.: During the Dominion war, a Covert Ops unit rendered a Dominion sensor array inoperable which allowed Starfleet to travel inside the security cordon of the base and were able to destroy it with minimal loss of life).

    They also have undercover agents, who are agents that have committed themselves to a lifetime within an enemy government such as Vulcans posing as Romulans or agents who are surgically altered to resemble a dozen other species that require watching as well as troubleshooters who were thrown into crises whilst they were happening and attempted to aid in damage control.

    Other sources could be personnel that were communication officers on Starfleet vessels that were active throughout know space, ready to intercept communications that could be useful for the SI and Starfleet.

    Part of this unit has control of and leads the Infiltration Team Group.

    Support Services Department

    These agents provide the last line between getting caught or dying during an operation. Even though they may be unknown to most, their work supports operations both in the field and behind a desk.

    -Task Force Intelligence Directorates-

    Each Task Force has an Intelligence Directorate led by a Director who oversees every piece of information that is to be sent to the Assistant Director of SI (N2D). It's the duty of the Director to inform and advise the Task Force Command Staff on intelligence matters.

    TF9 Directorate of Intelligence


    Deputy Director:

    Intelligence Gathering on the Dominion and the Consortium.

    TF38 Directorate of Intelligence


    Deputy Director:

    Intelligence Gathering on the Borg, the Hirogen and Species 8472.

    TF72 Directorate of Intelligence


    Deputy Director:

    Intelligence Gathering on the Cardassian, the Breen and the Kzinti.

    TF93 Directorate of Intelligence

    Director: Commander Vladimir Demochev
    Deputy Director: Lt.Cmdr Ras Th’zaanaq

    Intelligence gathering on the Klingon, the Romulan and the Gorn.
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    Greetings all,

    A huge thank you to Reius and the rest of the TF93 Intelligence Directorate working on this framework.

    The reason we created such a wide scope was we wanted a scalable version. We didn't want to create something unique to just TF93. It also helps to see how TF93 fits into the bigger picture. One of our goals in creating the TF93 Operational Staff is to fill in that gap of the theater functions between Starfleet and the sims.

    It didn't make sense to just focus on TF93 intel operations without fleshing out the full Starfleet picture.

    We are now opening up the framework for discussion across TF93. We will also be testing this framework out before proposing it to BF as a whole.

    So if you have any questions, concerns, comments, feel free to reply!

    formerly Javok