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USS Devonshire, TF93's Rapid-Response Vessel

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  • USS Devonshire, TF93's Rapid-Response Vessel

    Salutations dear readers of Relay Station Bravo, if you'll allow me I'd like to take a few minutes to tell you about the USS Devonshire a fine ship, serving as Task Force 93's jack-of-all-trades problem solver.

    The Devonshire is an Insignia class starship and takes full advantage of her modular design to tackle as many roles as possible. In addition to a range of standard facilities, she has been outfitted with expanded medical facilities and a biological research suite, a full module dedicated to scientific pursuits, colonization and mass evacuation facilities, a hangar module to support a full half-wing of starfighters, and a barracks capable of hosting a sizable force of marine or security personnel. Thus equipped the Devonshire rises to meet any challenge the unstable Beta Quadrant can throw at it.

    Embracing the combined mission of Starfleet to the fullest extent, the Devonshire is ready to explore the unknown, give aid to those in need, improve the live of Federation citizens, and defend the defenseless. The Devonshire helps Task Force 93 keep the peace and build prosperity, doing whatever is needed to advance the cause or shut down threats or emergencies. She is glad to go anywhere for Starfleet, and wherever she goes, her crew is secure in the knowledge that they and their ship can do anything.
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    Episode 1, Stomping Grounds:

    The USS Devonshire underwent a refit at Providence Fleet yards, to transform her into the omni-capable rapid-response vessel Task Force 93 needs. Ready to take on the universe she left port under the command of Captain Wilcox, her first mission would be to investigate Xavier Fleet Yards, a once-vital station crippled by Gorn attack and out of communication for a worryingly long time. For Captain Wilcox this mission is Personal, he has family aboard Xavier. The Crew had departed in high spirits, robbing Providence of Commander Braxton, one of its finest engineers in the process, and eager to face the opponent that had seemingly made a mockery of Starfleet defenses in the months before.

    Everything changed with arrival at Xavier however. The crew of the Devonshire found the massive station nearly destroyed, surrounded by a deadly cloud of shattered hull fragments, with the few survivors struggling to re-establish basic functions on the station. The Devonshire and her crew swung immediately into action, doing their best to help the stricken station recover. With diligent effort, access routes are cleared in the choking mass of debris, and capabilities begin to be restored to the station. Captain Wilcox finds his mother among the living and is forced to chose between his duty to his crew, and his duty to his family. Ultimately he chooses to care for his mother, leaving the Devonshire in the capable hands of the grizzled Commander Braxton.

    No sooner had things begun to look up for Xavier Fleet Yards however, when a lethal new Gorn attack cruiser warped in, following close on the heels of the USS Hawaii, another Federation ship tasked with helping to reclaim the sectors lost to the Gorn. The Hawaii and Devonshire fought valiantly to protect the station and its remaining civilian population, taking damage from astounding new Gorn weapons in the process. Eventually the two ships were able to drive the attacker into retreat, but not before the Gorn Talon tried to destroy what remained of Xavier in a parting act of spite.

    Victorious, but wounded, having suffered battle damage and lost many marines in a bitterly contested boarding action, the crew of the Devonshire was left to collect themselves, only to find that Commander Braxton had been incapacitated in the battle. Now, with a new, unknown commanding officer on the way the crew must prepare for more fighting as a battlegroup assembles under the Devonshire's command and they make plans to depart for the occupied Canterra system...


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      Also, we have a shiny bridge to replace that old dingy one that got damaged.