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TF Monthly Reports - November 2017

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  • TF Monthly Reports - November 2017

    Greetings, Commanding Officers of Task Force 93,

    There comes a time every month that we look forward to reading reports of what your simulations are doing, how you are, and if there is anything that you need with? It is that time of the month for Commanding Officers to submit to us, your monthly reports. Please have your reports submitted by December 5th, 2017. I am personally looking forward to reading about your most recent adventures!

    Key: [Received] - [Exempt] - [Pending] - [Absent]

    Sincerest Regards,
    Commodore David Hawkes
    Task Force 93 Executive Officer

    Also, would like everyone to nominate someone for Player of the Month and Sim of the Month, this is not mandatory but we do encourage it. We also like that you explain why you are nominating EACH of them. Those that don't have a reason why will not be considered for Player of the Month or Sim of the Month.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact either the TFXO or the TFCO via the BFMS.

    Bastet Group

    USS Tornado [Received]
    USS Venture [Received]
    SFM Revenant [Received]
    USS Devonshire [Exempt]
    S.F.I Delphi [Received]
    USS Kumari [Received]

    Themis Group

    USS Excalibur [Received]
    IKS yoH ‘avwl’[Received]
    Deep Space 14 [Received]
    Outpost Curtiss [Received]
    USS Sentinel [Exempt]

    Forseti Group

    USS Southern Cross [Received]
    USS Hawaii [Received]
    USS Sirona [Received]
    Palais de la Concorde [Received]
    USS Odyssey [Received]
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    Commodore David Hawkes
    Task Force 93 Executive Officer

    Commander Jack Lashmore

    Commanding Officer - USS Southern Cross

    Lieutenant Commander Sinara

    Strategic Operations & Second Officer - USS Venture