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April 2018 - Reports Status

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  • April 2018 - Reports Status

    Howdy All,

    It's your Task Group Commanding Officer - Bastet, here doing the Task Force Executive Officer for a couple days, and I'm just letting you all know that it's monthly report time!

    I emailed you all about the reports so you are aware of them. They are due by May 5th, 2018 (GMT) so please get them in as soon as possible. Confirmation of reports via email or Discord is also very much accepted. If you are going to confirm your report via Discord, just give me a @ shout-out so I know you've submitted your report and can change the list here.

    If you have any questions or issues with submitting your report on time, please contact me as soon as possible and we can sort things out for you. Also the USS Tornado, USS Sentinel and Starbase Tuiq will be exempt of the reports for this months as of they are either new sim or just got a new command (new CO taking over the sim).

    Red indicates a report that has not been submitted yet.
    Yellow indicates a simulation that is exempt from reporting in.
    Green indicates a submitted report.

    Bastet Group
    Providence Fleet Yards [Exempt]
    SFM Revenant [Submitted]
    USS Kumari [Submitted]
    USS Devonshire[Submitted]
    Starbase Tuiq [Submitted]

    Themis Group
    USS Excalibur [Submitted]
    Deep Space 14 [Submitted]
    USS Palatine[Submitted]
    USS Tornado[Submitted]

    Forseti Group
    USS Hawaii [Submitted]
    Palais de la Concorde [Submitted]
    USS Sirona [Submitted]
    USS Shanghai[Submitted]
    USS Sentinel[Submitted]
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    Deep Space 14 report is in.