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    Nimaz (Naming): Within a week after a Romulan child's birth, the family names him after a Romulan hero, revered ancestor, or another prominent Romulan. This small, private ceremony affirms the newborn's purpose in the Romulan Empire, and the child is raised aware of his future obligations. Parents choose a child's name very carefully, and a Romulan child learns early in life whose great footsteps he follows.
    Players join the Romulan Imperial Senate as a Senator (surprise :P). There may are other opportunities to play different roles, yet everyone should have a Senate character.

    All players are required to utilize a points system when creating your character, similar to DnD. You must include a breakdown of the points you are using for your character(s) in your bio threads. Once you post your bio, I will come through and approve it, locking the thread, and you will receive the relevant masking so you can scheme with your chosen groups If you need to make minor changes or additions to your bio afterwards, that is certainly allowed; however, points re-allocation or major changes will not be authorized without good cause.

    At a minimum, be sure to include the following information with your biographies:


    Character Avatar's Name (if applicable):

    Date of Birth:

    Place of Birth:


    Chosen Senate Seat (please reference the Senate Map and available seats):

    Educational Background:

    Professional Background:

    Some helpful notes:

    Pylanazi (Citizenship): At age 20, the Romulan youth -- on the verge of adulthood -- affirms his allegiance to the Romulan Star Empire. This is a grand affair, as entire communities gather together each year to induct a new generation of Romulan men and women as new citizens of the Empire. Family gatherings and celebrations follow the ritual, and the recipient often receives gifts from older family members. These gifts are more than simply tokens of affection; they are often symbolic representations of the ideals of Romulan citizenship to which the new citizen has sworn allegiance.
    Serona (Warriorship): By age 30, the Romulan adult must pledge service to the Romulan military. This rite is formally required of all Romulan citizens; to ignore it is dissident treason. The rite itself, however, is as elaborate or as simple as the citizen desires: It can be administered privately or publicly, in the presence of a Romulan military recruiter or in front of an entire community. The more proud, traditionalist Romulans prefer the public traditional Serona, in which feats of strength and endurance are emphasized to demonstrate that the Romulan citizen is not simply fulfilling a requirement, but is a worthy descendant of Romulan heroes.

    Service in the Romulan military is a 5 year requirement, after which most Romulans retire, having successfully completed their obligation. Other Romulans, however, remain in the Romulan military -- either out of a greater sense of duty, in quest of adventure, or merely for career advancement.

    Although it is not required of them, Serona service is the most common way for a conquered species to earn citizenship. These conscripts receive postings to nonessential services, typically undesirable duties far from home. Upon completion of the Serona, the client is granted citizenship and may undergo the Pylanazi ritual.

    Players will receive 60 points, which may be allocated to give your character certain traits that may give you an edge. All of these traits will impact your character in the game and may be used to benefit you or may be used to attack you during your career.

    — Background —

    Age (For Romulan Characters) (NOTE: The Maximum life span of a Romulan is 250. If your character is age 200 or above, you will experience a chance of death each month of play):
    • 35-85 [20 points]
    • 86-135 [15 points]
    • 136-185 [10 points]
    • 186-235 [5 points]
    • >235 [0 points]
    • Romulan [0 points]
    • Conquered Species (Specify in Bio) [35 points]
    • Multiracial (Specify in Bio) [40 points] (NOTE: GM reserves the right to limit the playing of multiracial/non-Romulan species.)
    • Male [0 points]
    • Female [5 points]
    • Married with 1-3 children [0 points]
    • Married with no children [5 points]
    • Married with ≥4 children [10 points]
    • Single [10 points]
    • Divorced/Widowed (regardless of children) [5 points]
    Pedigree (Please Reference the Scroll of Houses to make your decision.)
    • Major House (Barel or Gaius) [5 points]
    • Minor House (Kassus, Kayton, Qellar) [10 points]
    • Other Houses [15 points]
    • Custom House [20 points]
    • Any Other College [5 points]
    • Private Romulan College [10 points]
    • Romulan War College [15 points]
    • Farmer [3 points]
    • Merchant [5 points]
    • Industrialist [5 points]
    • Lawyer [5 points]
    • Teacher [5 points]
    • Journalist [5 points]
    • Engineer [7 points]
    • Researcher/Scientist [10 points]
    • Author/Writer [10 points]
    • Doctor/Physician [15 points]
    • Professor [15 points]
    • Other Education Field [3 points]
    Military Rank
    • Uhlan [0 points]
    • Sublieutenant/Lieutenant [10 points]
    • Centurion [12 points]
    • Subcommander [14 points]
    • Commander [15 points]
    • Admiral [20 points]
    Branch of Service
    • Romulan Star Navy [0 points]
    • Tal Diann [5 points]
    • Praetorian Guard [15 points]
    • High Tribunal [20 points]
    • Tal’Shiar [30 points]
    Prior Political Service
    • Ambassador to Major Power [20 points]
    • Ambassador to Minor Power [10 points]
    • Planetary Governor [30 points]
    Final Note: Your biography must be realistic and the GM reserves the right to recommend changes prior to character approval.
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