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Noble Houses of the Romulan Empire

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  • Noble Houses of the Romulan Empire

    The families below represent are the most prominent in Romulan society. Some can trace their history to the earliest days of Romulan history, to the time of Tellus, or that of Emperor Valkis I. Others rose to prominence more recently, capitalizing on the exploits of one member who founded a new dynasty. Thesea re the scions of Romulan society, those who wield considerable power an influence. They produce the Empire's senators, governors, diplomats, military leaders, and scientists. Considered paragons of Romulan society, they help determine the fate of the Romulan Empire and uphold the Romulan tradition. They, more than anyone else, must emulate the Romulan ideal, for to do less would bring shame on those heroic ancestors who built the Empire.

    Great Houses
    The Great Houses are the most powerful noble houses of the Empire. They permeate all facets of Romulan nobility from the military to politics, even having a lineage of Praetors.

    The Barel family can trace its history to the time of Tellus, and once ruled over the Lagona Segment, a small province on Romulus, led by Senator Tomek who perished in the Hobus supernova. The family still holds several Senate seats representing several colony worlds. Most family members belong to the Jaridan Coalition. Members of the Barel family focus their efforts in the political arena, obtaining positions as senatorial aids, diplomats, and regional governors, though some go into military service (where their political savvy benefits as well). They deeply resent political upstarts like the Gaius and Kassus families.

    The Gaius family can make no grand claims to history, unlike the Barel family, and this is a source of friction between the two. The family rose to prominence through the efforts of Rombion, a centurion with a distinguished career of military service. The Romulan Senate rewarded him with a Senate seat, and since then the family has used the position to build a political base. The Gaius family has chosen to forsake its military heritage in favor of politics, their children learning to navigate the labyrinthine nature of Romulan politics at an early age. Admiral Vental commands the fleet of his cousin, Senator Aret, and the two make a formidable team.

    Minor Houses
    Minor houses are newer to the Romulan scene and have not quite become as ubiquitous as the Great Houses, yet still carry considerable favor in the halls of power.

    The ancestors of the Kassus family fought many glorious battles in the Praetor's name, bringing Devorren and Pallor into the Romulan fold. While the family holds seats in the Senate, members typically concentrate on military service. Children receive early training in warbird command, usually at the elbow of an experienced aunt or uncle. The family counts numerous admirals and centurions among its ranks. Senator Morror Kassus was one of the prominent heads of the Kassus family, having propelled himself to a Senate seat after a long, illustrious career, until he was assassinated by Shinzon's plot.

    Tracing its lineage back to the original settlers of the Romulan homeworld, the Kayton family possesses great moral authority, but little concrete political power. The oldest living member, the Doge Teret, wields considerable influence behind the scenes, and a succession of Praetors and proconsuls have privately sought her advice. Kayton family members prefer to work behind the scenes, expressing their opinions with a quiet word in the proper ear. Consummate power-brokers, members of this family trade in favors to achieve their objectives. From childhood, all Kaytons learn what it means to be "Romulan" and are held to a strict standard by their parents. The Gaius family courted this family heavily to obtain their legitimacy as a Great House.

    The origins of the Qellar's family prominence can be tied to one vent: The family patron was the first Chairman of the Tal Shiar. Since then, the Qellar family has derived its influential standing from its connections Romulan secret police; few openly oppose this family, for fear of attracting unwanted attention. Most Qellars join the Tal Shiar, and even those bound for a career in the military or politics are believed to have ties to this organization. Though few would express it publicly, some believe the Qellar family uses this relationship for personal gain. Ultraconservative, they have little use for, and even little admiration for, the Kayton family, whom they see as little more than social gadflies.

    Other Houses
    There are also other houses of note that may lack power, yet can still influence certain sectors of Romulan life.

    While the Marrus family lacks a Senate seat, its members have carved out a niche for themselves as scientists and merchants that translated to political power during the rebuilding of the Romulan Empire. They derive great wealth, and thus influence, from their economic endeavors. A Marrus led the project to develop the quantum singularity drive, and holds the construction contract for it. The family manages several factories for the production of disruptors, magnetic constrictors, and isolinear chips. Those who do not become research scientists go into business; Marrus family merchants unite many Romulan worlds in trade. Well known members include Kolar, an intercessor and current family head, and Sukkar, who oversees contracts with the Romulan military.

    Once ruling over vast tracts of land early in Romulan history, the Tela family derives its stature from the ancestral holdings. Upon its arrival from Vulcan, the Tela family established a small fiefdom from which it conquered neighboring territory during the period of clan wars. When Valkis I established the Romulan Senate, the Tela family received the largest bloc of seats. Over the years, through Senate appointments, the family lost all but one of its Senate positions. Yet after the Hobus supernova, even their last Senate seat was lost along with ownership of their ancestral lands. The remnants of the family resettled on other planets. Those family members who do not go off to the military manage the family's farms. The most prominent member of the family was the holder of Tela's last Senate seat, Senator Chatak, who served as consul of the Nej'ahar Coalition.

    The Terik family gained prominence during the invasion of Romii, and many members distinguished themselves conquering the Zelvorians. Since then, members of this family have concentrated on military service. While the Kassus family grooms its children for eventual positions as ship commanders, the Terik focus on training in the art of war. They learn to fire a disruptor and engage in intense physical training at an early age. One of the most prominent members in history, Admiral Nakhon received an appointment to the Senate for his support of Valkis during the Romulan Civil War, but few of his descendants had the stomach for political life. They have a reputation for being "uncultured", instead preferring a soldier's life.

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