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Imperial Romulan Senate Constituencies

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  • Imperial Romulan Senate Constituencies

    Each Senator represents a province of the Empire in the Senate. Since not all provinces are divided equally, Senators vary in terms of power or prestige based on the provinces they represent. For example, Romulus and Remus were divided into multiple provinces, each with its own Senators. On the other hand, a province in a newly settled area of Romulan space may contain more than a dozen star systems and several colonies, but have only one Senator.

    Each Planet Depicted on the Map is Represented by One Senator unless included in the list below:

    Nova Roma, Rator III
    New Val’danadex, Rator III
    Rator IV
    Leughon Sector
    Tullus Sector
    Dasha Sector
    V’Varian Sector
    Tiber Sector
    Samnar Sector
    Tarquin Sector
    Jezerek Sector
    Diodor Sector

    Current Senators
    1. Hildath Kayton - V'Varian Sector - Consul of Suketh Coalition (House Kayton)
    2. ADM VRaxer s'Karon - Tullus Sector - Consul of Jaridan Coalition (House Gaius)
    3. COL Athonar cha’Barel - Khazara - Consul of JolTan Coalition (House Barel)
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