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Romulan Coalitions

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    The Jaridan Coalition is based on strong support for the Romulan military, providing a constant influx of resources for the construction of new ships and the recruitment and training of new military personnel. The Jaridans support a policy of continual outward expansion for the Empire in keeping with the ideals of D’era. They support new campaigns to explore and conquer newly discovered worlds and an ongoing policy of confrontation with the Empire’s enemies, like the Federation and the Klingon Empire. They believe that military support and continued expansion help ensure economic prosperity and stability for the Empire.

    Not surprisingly, the Jaridan Coalition receives support from the majority within the Romulan military. Many of its members are former military officers themselves, who retain ties to their former commands and have considerable military resources to draw upon.

    The Nej'ahar Coalition is the Jaridan's closest rival and largest coalition in the Senate currently. Preator Hakan hails from the Nej'ahar. They focus strongly on domestic issues, such as economic growth and education, while maintaining order and stability within the Empire. Nej'ahar members fear potential instability within the bounds of Romulan space, and argue that constant outward expansion stretches military forces too thin. It was this philosophy that propelled the Nej'ahar into the ruling coalition following the Hobus Supernova. They prefer to see more military resources devoted to garrisons on conquered systems, and additional security provided for key worlds. To placate the average citizen, they support programs of economic growth for Romulan worlds and the improvement of living conditions and quality of life for citizens of the Empire. In particular, they support better education and medical care for all citizens. Some consider the Nej'ahar Coalition a bit soft because of their focus on internal matters, but their firm "law and order" stance helped to dispel such ideas until the defection of Vice-Proconsul M'ret brought them back in force along with Shinzon's assassination of multiple Senators. It was only during the aftermath of the Hobus Supernova did the Naj'ahar regain their credibility.

    Many powerful and wealthy families support the Nej'ahar. They seek to maintain traditional Romulan values and to protect everything the Empire has achieved. For many members of the coalition, their duty is to their ancestors to guard the glory of the Empire from all threats, both foreign and domestic, and to ensure a better life for all Romulans. Developments like the Reunification Movement greatly concern the Nej'ahar.

    Jol Tan
    The Jol Tan Coalition stresses the loyalty of all citizens of the Empire as the utmost priority. This focus is likely why the Jol Tan strongly supports the Tal Shiar as maintainers of loyalty and order. Many privately say the coalition has grown politically because of the efforts of the Tal Shiar, winning some senators over through their unending work to protect the Romulan people and others through blackmail and similar means of persuasion. In fact, it is widely believed that the Jol Tan Coalition does the bidding of the Tal Shiar rather than the other way around, although anyone who wishes to avoid a visit from the Tal Shiar never says so in public.

    In the Senate, Jol Tan members support the policies and goals of the Tal Shiar, both public and secret, ensuring the Tal Shiar is well funded and supplied and that their operations receive little interference, giving them sweeping authority to handle matters as they see fit. Some members of the Senate grow concerned about the influence of the Tal Shiar and the increasing power of the Jol Tan Coalition. Members of the Jaridan Coalition in particular distrust the Jol Tan, due to the traditional friction between the Tal Shiar and the military. Some outside the Jol Tan have become concerned that the Tal Shiar may grow too powerful, but no one has yet been willing to speak of the matter publicly, and many who do so privately end up under the Tal Shiar's watchful eye.

    The Suketh Coalition is considered an aberration by many in the more traditional coalitions, but it still has support from many in the Senate. The coalition promotes the ideal of D'era, but believes the Romulan Empire may be expanding too quickly, that the Empire has fought too many wars and needs to take time to absorb and integrate worlds already taken. Time also is needed to recover from losses to enemies like the Taurhai before continuing to expand and engaging old enemies like the Federation or Klingons. The Suketh say that the Empire may stretch itself too thin by fighting and expanding on too many fronts, until the strain becomes too great and tears the Empire apart. In the aftermath of the Hobus Supernova, the Suketh Coalitions position strengthened as their policies were no longer crazy as the Romulan Empire fought a civil war.

    The other coalitions still consider the Suketh alarmists at best, potentially disloyal or traitors at the worst. There is a growing movement within the Senate that says the Empire has had enough war for a time and calls for a focus on peace and the building of alliances, especially following the creation of the Alrakis Pact. This movement gives the Romulan political underground hope, but it is still far from the radical policies espoused by members of the rebellion. In fact, some of the oldest and most conservative families on Remus supported the Suketh positions out of deep concern for the rapid changes Romulan expansion created. The Hobus Supernova added supporters to the Suketh. The Suketh Coalition held a great deal of power in the Senate between 2311 and 2364, while the Empire withdrew from testing the Federation. The Tal Shiar watches members of the Suketh Coalition closely for any signs of disloyalty. Thus far, they have evaded any hint of scandal, but it remains to be seen for how long they can keep their reputations spotless.
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