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March 2018 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief

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  • March 2018 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief


    Howdy all! We took a step back from the O&I Brief last month to tweak some things in the TF behind the scenes. We have returned this month, so feel free to pull up a chair!

    Greetings TF93, one of our new initiatives is starting an Operations & Intelligence Brief IC utilizing your sim reports that COs send each month. This information is intended for a couple reasons: 1) To showcase everyone's storyline on one map, providing an operational picture of our TF and 2) To encourage interaction across the TF.

    Part of this initiative is also standing up a HQ Staff IC with the first position being the Director of Intelligence for TF93. Your duties will be advising the TFCO & TFXO, plus the rest of the Task Force staff (once appointed) on matters of intelligence. This position is largely IC and OOC duties will be assisting in formulating TF93's storyline as needed. If you are interested, please PM me here or in Discord! You DO NOT need to be a CO to become a member of HQ TF93 Staff.

    For the Ops & Intel Brief, or O&I for short, I will post a map each month and any CO/XO (I say command staff as that's who usually dials into these command-level briefs IRL) may "dial in" IC into the thread and ask questions. I don't expect every sim to be "dialed in" at all times, yet it is there as an opportunity. The HQ Staff will be conducting a brief. Time is fluid and I don't expect us to synchronize time at all as that's just a big unnecessary hassle. So, each month's brief will remain open until the next month and there is no need to reference time points. We are treating these briefs as occurring "now" whatever that means for you IC. Generally, these briefs are given on a daily/weekly basis IRL, so don't worry about things being out of sync.

    If there are any questions, please let me know!

    NOTE: Map positions were plotted with best available information from sim reports. If the plot is wrong, just let us know OOC or IC in this thread!

    Without further ado.



    "ADMIRAL ON DECK!" someone announced as everyone stood on their feet.

    Banda entered the room along with a Commander who was more akin to a robot.

    "Please, be seated," Banda commanded as she took her seat at the head of the table and the Commander took her seat along the edge. "Also, please welcome our new Director of Strategic Plans, Commander Calida."

    There was applause around the table.

    At the head of the room, the all too familiar Lieutenant Commander greeted everyone and the slide changed from the TF93 logo to a map (click to enlarge):

    "Admiral: As we notified you earlier, Deep Space 14 is under Romulan attack. Captain Sharpe is reportedly KIA and we've been in communication with the Station XO, Lieutenant Commander Lin Caran, although the situation is quite fluid and chaotic."

    "As I can imagine. I also see the Romulan virus has extended to the USS Palatine while it is within this fleet yard?" Banda turned to the Director of Intelligence, CDR Demochev. "It appears this is confirmation of what we discussed a couple months ago, Commander Demochev. The Romulans seem to be rearing their heads."

    Banda was referring to January's O&I when Outpost Curtiss was combating the Romulan virus, yet it was not clear what the Romulans intended.

    formerly Javok

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    Lieutenant Commander Ras Th'zaanaq entered the briefing room and jogged towards Admiral Banda at the head of the table. The Andorian Deputy Of Intelligence for Task Force 93 had a very good reason for bursting in.

    “”My apologies for interrupting, Admiral, but I think you need to see this.”” The Andorian said as he passed the Task Force Commander a padd. “”We’’ve just received word from the Tornado, they’’ve managed to rescue all of Starfleet’s prisoners being held by the Soveriegnty of Kahless and are on route back to Providence Shipyard.””
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      Looking at his second, the N2 had a sigh before answering the Admiral ''Ma'am, it seem that from our latest report, the Romulan are looking to take us down, this time not with their fleet but with their brain. If that virus was to be moved on the rest of the Task Force, i believe this would be the beginning of another attack and this time, im not sure if we could push them back as we did before.''


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        OOC: I am putting Reius's post before the news of the Tornado.

        "We will have to keep our eyes on them, Commander," Banda said to the N2 as the Deputy Intel Chief entered the room.

        Banda was stunned by the news of the Tornado. There were murmurs around the briefing room.

        "That's great news," Banda said. "It seems appointing Captain Colburn as the Theater Commander worked," Banda smirked. "Jack, are you on the line?"

        formerly Javok


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          “Yes, sir.” Colburn replied over the comm. “My apologies for not being there in person but we heard some intelligence which we needed to clarify. A source of mine told me that the House of Mo’Kai had recently agreed to join the Sovereignty of Kahless. If this was true, then the balance of power would start to tip towards them.” The Kumari’s Captain reported.

          ”I’m afraid to say it is true. We’ve learnt that this pushes S.o.K space out towards Bortas and includes the Mo’Kai shipyards, which make them a ship building power. We need to investigate what types of ships that can be built there but it can’t be a good sign for the High Command.”