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October 2018 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief

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  • October 2018 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief



    The conference room started to fill up as various personnel in various uniform colors grabbed their seats.

    A grizzled female Bajoran Master Chief entered the room and announced: "ROOM TENCH-HUUT!"

    Rear Admiral Banda walked in swiftly and took a seat at the head of the table. Everyone's favorite Intelligence Lieutenant Commander was at the podium.

    "Welcome everyone. What do we have today?," Banda asked the Lieutenant Commander.

    The slide clicked over to the O&I Map.

    Banda studied the map for a minute or two. "We still do not know the location of the USS Kumari?" Banda asked slowly.

    "Yes, Admiral," the Lieutenant Commander said. "We have been in touch with the Romulans asking if they can reveal the location and there has been no response."

    Great, Banda thought. Now she could possibly be dealign with a whole ship as POWs behind enemy lines.

    "Very well. That is the number one priority. We need to find the Kumari and determine the crew's status," Banda stressed, pausing to look around the room for effect. "What do you have for me, Commander?"

    "Admiral, today we have a Raeya Sector Block update for you. As you know, several anti-Starfleet elements have been identified by intellgence sources," the Commander started.
    "CAPT Rafelian, things do not seem well in the Raeya Sector Block these days," Banda noted.

    “I’m afraid not, Admiral.” Refelian replied. “There seems to be many factions at work here on Faltan. Each with their own agenda’s. Most notably is a plague which has been discovered in Atuginia. My science department believe the plague was manufactured and released in that region on purpose. I will be contacting the Faltan Government to offer our support and help in combating this plague, however the way the Faltan Government are with us at the moment I can’t see them accepting our help.”

    "Have we figured out why we are seeing such violence on Faltan now?" Banda asked.

    “Not at the moment. It seems there are different factions with different agenda’s here on Faltan. My Intelligence department are doing their best to untangle this web of factions and underworld movements but I feel it will take time.”

    Banda looked at the screen for a grey uniform and found one.

    Stepping forward, Sarah Dufrai came back eye to eye with Banda "The situation at Faltan is concern every day my team and I walk on it. The delay and outdated information that Starfleet Intelligence was forced to step away from is biting us back right now" Sarah stated formally with her hands behind her back "We are dealing with problems that are growing each day, I have feeling that I am just at the top of the problems that we are currently seeing"

    "Thank you Lieutenant. I have been reading exactly what you said in various reports, yet what are the specific problems you are seeing?" Banda pressed.

    Sarah shrugs at that and puzzled at where to begin "Every action has linked towards various people, involved with various factions. Some known and some still off grid for us" Sarah explained "But so far we got the Red Guards that are former militia that formed their own PMC, they come from Faltan and are very xenophobe. Another that we found was a religious group that uses fear to spread their beliefs. They are known as Sacred Bones, what we have seen and barely survived at Atuginia, was shocking and I expect more"

    "Is there any indication these groups are working together?" Banda asked.

    "The Sacred Bones were supported by the Red Guards at their rituals, indication of support has been found on various I can only conclude of these two groups that they are" Sarah replied

    "Have we identified an end goal of these groups?" Banda continued the discussion.

    Taking a deep breath "No ma'am, the documents show the where, how and what of the current situation of what has to happen at that current time. Anything beyond, is simply unknown"

    Banda paused. There was some disconnect. "I am a bit confused, Lieutenant. I have a Captain who was shot, a Romulan Ambassador's wife who was kidnapped, and then a whole staff of a Starfleet base ambushed and killed. Are the people you are pursuing the ones who perpetrated these crimes?"

    She stepped forward and rose her hand as she slides a few holograms figures forward with one enlarged "Natalija Vlahović, the one that is responsible for the shooting at Tyson Incident, the Cardassian Envoy and known for many more crimes or also known as Phantom. She is most likely the one that shot the Captain and is recently seen at the last city we were at when they...tried to stop my team" Sarah spoke with some concern in her voice.

    Banda now felt they were getting some where. "Is there any connection between her and any of these groups?"

    "Not that I know off just yet, but I do know that more members of Death Squad are confirmed to be present at Faltan. Their leader Victoria Saracenti has been reported in few documents under her nick Vic" Sarah shrugs again at the mention of her name "If they are here...the problems of Faltan might stretch further into the RSB then we consider."
    Banda rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Lieutenant, I am not doubting your work, yet it seems you should be looking more into these personnel and the Death Squad than the Red Guards or this religious cult. Death Squad has certainly proved they are deadlier than the other two, unless you believe there is some connection?"

    Taking some time to respond "While your right in certain angles...Death Squad is known to be involved in bigger projects that are known for bigger problems. When they are there...they connect things and if these behaviors from the groups are explainable...than it is guided by them"

    "I will leave it to the professionals, yet my concern is that if we look into the wrong people, we are missing some big clues about more dangerous actors," Banda looked at Demochev at the table who wore no expression, as usual.

    "Thank you for the update, Lieutenant, is there anything else?" Banda asked, looking around the room if there were any questions.

    "No sir" Sarah spoke and nodded slightly then took a step back

    "Admiral, pending any further questions, that concludes our brief for you today," the Intelligence Lieutenant Commander said at the podium.

    "This was very informative. I want these briefs to be as detailed as this. I appreciate the summaries in reports, yet I am worried that we are missing the details. The more we communicate about the details across the Task Force, the easier it will be to draw the connections," Banda looked around the room before glancing at Dufrai on the screen.

    "On another note, we welcome a new ship that has been transferred to our Task Force, the USS Cavalry. Captain Wentworth, welcome to TF93!" Banda said turning to the Captain.

    Captain Samuel Wentworth much older than most of the people in the room acknowledged the welcome from his new Task Force Commander, he’d now met both of them. It wasn’t the sort of meeting he was use to but it was still a chance to meet the one person who would be the ultimate decision maker on what the Cavalry did.

    “It’s good to be part of this team” he smiled, a normal response from him. While Samuel loved meeting the leadership team for the Task Forces he was part of, they always seemed to him to be very scripted.

    "It is good to have you here. I am sure Commodore Jackson will appreciate having you in the Romulan Theater. Things are heating up out there," Banda remarked.

    “From what I’ve been briefed on, most certainly but Commodore Jackson is pretty happy to have a ship the size of Cavalry out there, orders came through the other day and we should be setting off on our mission very shortly. I know my new crew are ready to go, having been stuck here and on Earth for the last six months” came Samuel’s reply.

    "Well, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask," Banda said. "I am sure we will be in touch."

    “Of course, Admiral” replied Samuel as he got up and moved towards the back of the room, he just wanted to watch and listen in this meeting, or briefing as it seemed to look like.

    "Any saved rounds?" Banda asked looking around the room slowly. Hearing nothing, Banda stood up which triggered the whole room standing up to attention.

    "Thank you everyone, please carry on!" she said as she exited.

    formerly Javok