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December 2018 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief [RSB]

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  • December 2018 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief [RSB]



    A short and petite Bajoran Master Chief entered the room as the last officers filed in. "ROOM TENCH-HUT" she projected. VADM Banda took her seat at the head of the conference table.

    "Welcome everyone, I hear we have quite the agenda today."

    "Yes, Admiral. Our pressing matter is that the USS Sentinel is engaged with an FRM scout-class vessel in the Triangle," the usual Intelligence Lieutenant Commander started.

    "I am aware. Has there been any change to its status?" Banda asked.

    "Negative, Admiral."

    "Very well. Press," Banda said curtly.

    "Admiral, there have been several rogue elements observed in the Raeya Sector Block and it is assessed that these groups are working together in some fashion against Starfleet and allied elements. Most recently, a Klingon Ambassador suffered an attack aboard his vessel at Faltan Station. Lieutenant Dufrai is on the line to brief you further on the situation."

    A woman in black appeared in civilian clothing as she stood at attention before the admiral. Sarah Dufrai stood there as required “Admiral, pardon my clothing, currently in the field.”

    "No worries, I understand, Lieutenant," Banda nodded. "What is going on out in the RSB?"

    Looking a bit puzzled about that question, “Well do you like the short or long version? Hint, the long version might take a few hours,” she points out.

    "You have 15 minutes, Lieutenant," Banda said seriously.

    “We are slowly getting a grasp of the situation at Faltan. There are various factions such as the Red Guards and the Sacred Bones cult working on the dark to get Starfleet off the world” Sarah shrugs “Recently there were various attacks on Starfleet guests... the Romulan ambassador wife and now the Klingon Ambassador....” Taking a deep breath “However, we can’t confirm it as of yet, but we might have the possibility that the Faltean government is in on it also. I need more time to get this confirmed.“

    "Are you guessing or are you making an assessment?" Banda asked.

    “Little bit of both sir. Don’t take it wrong, but a few papers stating that the government is doing shady deals is not enough to nail them down,” Sarah spoke bluntly.

    "I need concrete evidence. Continued violence and actions against Starfleet in that sector is unacceptable," Banda said. She looked at the SJA, Commander Ko. "Commander, what authority do I have to appoint Sector Commanders?" Banda asked. Ko glanced up and answered, "Admiral, you have full authority to appoint Sector Commanders. They would essentially operate similar to how we've established Theater Commanders." "Very well. This is what I am thinking," Banda said looking around the room. "Establishing a Raeya Sector Block Commander along with a Raeya Transit Corridor Commander, to monitor what is going in and out of the RTC. Thoughts?" Banda asked openly.

    “Yes one,” Sarah spoke. “The one that is going to be assigned to the RSB needs to be experienced as hell, I fear that the situation here in region will go south quickly.“

    It was Lieutenant Kerri Deix, whom until this point had remained in her seat next to Commander Mitchell in silence that spoke up, "I recommend Commander Mitchell." She said and pointed towards the man. "He has a lot of security experience and I think that's what the sector needs right now."

    A nearby chief looked at the Lieutenant and shook her head. "Who are you?" Banda asked the Lieutenant.

    Commander Mitchell almost choked on his coffee when he heard that. "My Chief Engineer, and I don't know where my name came into all of this from."

    Kerri cleared her throat, "Lieutenant Kerri Deix. I apologize Admiral," She remarked as her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.

    "Commander Mitchell, I would keep an eye on your Lieutenants lest they volunteer you for some unsavory duties," Banda half-threatened as she turned back to the table to address Dufrai, still on the screen. "I fear the situation has already gone south, Lieutenant Dufrai. I am constantly being briefed about continued problems in that sector. Something needs to change. I have discussed with Commodore Jackson and N1 about the potential changes. I am going to go ahead and pull the trigger. Unfortunately, too much has happened out at Faltan that I am transferring Captain Refelian out to be the Raeya Transit Corridor Commander. I am naming Captain Takato as the Raeya Sector Block Commander. The XO of Faltan Station will fleet up to CO," Banda noted.

    The older woman sat in her chair as she hears her name being mentioned. Ryoko took a deep breath and looked from Dufrai to the Admiral, “With all due respect ma’am, I can’t do that job and be your communication director at the same time.”

    "Of course not. Yet you have proven yourself quite capable in the command seat, at the Board of Inquiry, and as our N6. I think you are one of the few on staff currently who possesses the necessary skills to command a sector," Banda noted.

    Nodding to the Admiral, “As you wish, I will arrange transportation to Faltan III to meet up with the new Commanding Officer and investigate the situation there. I will keep you updated on the journey.“

    "Commander Prescott, are you on the line?" Banda asked.

    "Yes, Admiral," Mint's hologram stood and she gave a slight bow before standing at attention.

    "Did I just break Faltan Station?" Banda asked, knowing Mint may be biased since she just received a promotion.

    "Break Faltan Station?" Mint looked confused for a moment before smiling. "No, ma'am! I have a strong team behind me, and I had a practice run for commanding the station. We shall miss Captain Refelian, but we will press on."

    "Good," Banda smirked. "Captain Refelian and I agree," Banda revealed her hand after-the-fact. "You need to get the situation on that planet under control, Commander."

    "Yes, ma'am. We are working on further talks with the Faltan government and I am lighting a fire under the investigation into the Klingon ship," Mint nodded, trying her best not to roll her eyes that this had been planned out already. If she hadn't been told earlier that day, she would have had a few choice words for Refelian. "I understand there's a certain urgency to getting the dust settled, however, it's been a delicate matter. I will do my best."

    "Good. My patience is running thin with the recent reporting out of Raeya Sector Block. Captain Takato, I expect you to improve the situation," Banda looked at the former N6.

    “Give me some catching up to do Admiral, I can’t promise you to turn water into Romulan ale if the situation is as bad as Miss Dufrai states...” Ryoko was not trying to be funny, the situation like Raeya was very complicated and delicate to deal with.

    "I do not expect a solution overnight, yet I am tired of hearing of things going from bad to worse," Banda remarked. "Do you have anything else, Lieutenant?" Banda turned back to the screen.

    “I do, the intelligence found so far on Faltan key locations do indicate that the influence spread further the Faltan itself. Deals with Union and Raeya III are mentioned as well...” Sarah shrugs as she looks a bit unease “ there is also another thing...”

    "Lieutenant, I am not sure where you learned how to conduct Intel Briefings, yet we have over 40 senior officers in this room. We are not here for a theatrical production and your cliff hangers are a waste of our time," Banda's last thread of patience wore off.

    Shrugging for a second “...recent reports state an uproar in the upper criminal structure and it is believed that the infamous death squad members are now off Faltan and in the RSB, except for the criminal known as Skinner whom is believed to taken control of unknown operations here at Faltan.“ She looked at Takato and puts two thumbs up to her and whispers kinda “good luck”

    Banda narrowed her eyes at that gesture and looked at Takato, passing a clearly unspoken message that this was now her problem. "Lieutenant Commander, anything else?" Banda turned back to her usual intel briefer.

    "Nothing further, Admiral," the Lieutenant Commander said.

    "Very well," Banda took a breath and turned to a Commander dressed in yellow. "We have several introductions to make tonight. First, welcome to our new Director of Logistics Commander Hrishikyvan “Kyvan” sh’Pavn."

    Commander Kyvan stepped forward, eyes trained on the officers before him. "Thank you for the welcome, Admiral. Glad to be of service," he said, low bass voice reverberating through the room.

    "Commander Kyvan joins us from Fifth Fleet. He is being tasked with ensuring our theaters receive adequate supplies, especially as the ground campaign starts soon for Canterra. Additionally, the Klingon Civil War is becoming complicated and as stated before, we have some concerns about the vulnerability of the RTC. Did I list enough issues for you to solve, Commander?" Banda half-joked.

    "Just make sure you throw in the kitchen sink, Admiral, and I'd say we have a full set," Kyvan quipped. "As our supply lines become more convoluted and critical, I'm sure we'll be calling on the services of many of you to ensure their safety."

    "Well, you are the requisition authority, so if you need a kitchen sink, you can handle that too," Banda smiled. "Yes, please let us know if you need anything. This staff is a team and a family." Banda turned to a Lieutenant Commander dressed in red sitting in the row of chairs behind Calida. "We have a new member joining the N5 Team. Please welcome the new Deputy Director of Strategic Plans, Lieutenant Commander T’Prir Abbott."

    T’Prir lifted her right eyebrow as many a Vulcan would. However, there was a note of pride in her voice and a sparkle of excitement in her eyes when she said, “It is a pleasure to be with you all.” A corner of her right lip quirked upwards. A smile?

    Banda wondered about the smiling Vulcan. "Commander Abbott, your expertise on our current unfolding situations will be greatly appreciated."

    Banda turned to a Commander in Teal sitting at the table. "Per our last O&I, we have heard about biological warfare used in the Gorn Theater. Subsequently, we have stood up a Directorate of Sciences known as N7. Please welcome our new Director of Sciences, Commander Sera Covey."

    Commander Covey now stepped forward with a smile. "Thank you Admiral," she said just loud enough to be heard by everyone.

    "N7 will operate like our other Directorates, so if your Science Officers are suddenly pinged by the new Commander, please do not be alarmed. She is just doing the job I asked of her," Banda smiled.

    Sera smiled and nodded. "Yes, I will be sending out an introductory message soon," she said, moving her hands to behind her. "I have a lot of information to sift through though, so I may be delayed in doing so. I look forward to working with everyone."

    Banda turned to another Commander seated next to Commander Covey, "We also have a new Surgeon General joining our team. Please welcome Doctor Amelia Tandy."

    “I will endeavor to do everything that I can to make sure all of our goals are met, Admiral.” The voice was cool and soft but there was unmistakable sense of desire in it.

    Amelia stood and smiled at everyone. "Thank you, Admiral. I look forward to working with our medical teams!"

    "Doctor, the N7 may be using your expertise for our situation in the Gorn Theater," Banda noted. T

    "If Commander Covey requires my assistance, I will gladly lend it," Amelia said. "I am at your disposal."

    "Thank you, Doctor," Banda said before turning to a Commander in red on the other side of the table from the Doctor. "Due to our war theaters, we are standing up a Directorate of Civil-Military Affairs to ensure we are providing humanitarian assistance and to improve the capabilities of our partners. Please welcome our new N9, Commander Mike Thompson."

    Mike winced as he stood up. "Thank you Admiral. I'm already working on gathering reports to see what's needed where."

    "Great. Please coordinate with the N4 for any logistical needs. If we need more resources for humanitarian assistance, we can reach back to Starfleet Command to request more," Banda noted.

    "Aye sir." Mike said, quickly sitting back down.

    "Is there any update on Tuiq Station?" Banda asked around the room.

    An Intelligence officer stood up. "Negative Sir. Not since March when our personnel there went completely dark. We're attempting to form a new team, but with the kind of qualifications we're looking for, it's proving slower to get going than expected."

    Banda nodded. "I want you to see if there are any connections to Freedom's Legion or the Raeya Sector Block. Starfleet is facing interesting events of domestic terrorism and I am willing to bet someone in the Triangle knows something about what is going on."

    "Yes sir, we'll get something together. We're as concerned about what the Deloria Cartel might be up to, and if it has ties to any other going on in the region."

    "I am not just referring to the region, Lieutenant. This has galactic implications for both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants," Banda said.

    "Of course. We'll expand the scope, and see if the other task forces might have folks who might fit our needs sooner than just in-house."

    Banda nodded before turning to Commander Mitchell, who had spoken earlier. "Commander Mitchell, you are back from DS10. Thank you for averting a potential disaster."

    "All in a days work, Admiral. But for the prevention of the base becoming a subspace tear, I owe it to my XO. I was just the one who tackled Whitley in a room full of civilians." Alvin Mitchell said, smiling, "I have a top-notch crew."

    Banda paused glancing at the Lieutenant in yellow who spoke up earlier. "Send your XO my regards." The Admiral turned back to the table to address her senior staff. "I am making some changes in the Intelligence Department and we will be receiving a new Director who is yet to be named. Our new Deputy Director of Intelligence is here with us though," Banda gestured to a different Lieutenant Commander clad in grey. "Please welcome Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys."

    Amie glanced over to Banda, having hoped to hear who the director would be. Standing, she smiled. "Glad to be here, Admiral. You sure you don't know the name of the Director though," she asked with a smirk.

    "One has not been appointed yet, so you are acting director for the moment," Banda noted. "I am counting on you to hold the fort for a little bit while N1 sorts out the selection."

    "Of course, Admiral I will do my best." Amie stated as she nodded and sat down.

    Pounding about the meeting as it made its progress to the ending of the meeting, Mira took a deep breath and stood up, “Admiral, I like to take a step forward for the position of Director of Communications...” okay it is out, now the nerve wrecking waiting.

    Ryoko blinked at the younger woman and grabbed her profile quickly as she looked at the Admiral. “She has references and quite the record...” she sighed.

    "I will take it under advisement," Banda replied. She next turned to another Captain the room. "With the Board of Inquiry concluded, the USS Kumari has a new CO. Everyone, please welcome Captain Claudia Ainscow."

    Claudia stood up and smiled at everyone who was present. She wasn't expecting to have another command so soon after her maternity leave had concluded but here she was. "Hello everyone. I'm glad to be here and looking forward to working with you all" Claudia said.

    Banda was not so sure she was looking forward to working with Ainscow. Starfleet Command had overruled her decision to attempt to keep Captain Colburn in the command seat. Yet she could not overrule Admirals senior to her. "We appreciate you stepping in to help us, Captain," Banda remarked.

    Claudia nodded in response to the Admiral. She wished her change of scenery in the Beta Quadrant was under better circumstances - coming in to replace a CO as established and respected as Jack Colburn was never easy. "I wish it was under better circumstances but I'm happy to help out" Claudia responded.

    Banda nodded. "Thank you everyone for attending."

    As soon as she rose, the entire room stood at their feet. "Carry on!" The Admiral boomed as she exited.
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