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March 2019 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief [FRM]

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  • March 2019 - Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief [FRM]



    Lieutenant Jason Tigan, waited while his Engineering Warrant Officer finished fiddling with the new holographic communications system installed on the Ajax. With a nod the Vulcan Warrant Officer activated the system after fixing the glitch in the system and Jason blinked into existence seated against a wall in the briefing room.

    Aware he was one of the more junior of the room, and his uniform tighter than he'd have liked after being kept in a drawer for long months, Lieutenant Commander Rourke was doing his utmost to project the impression this was just another day at the office. He arrived at a brisk pace, giving friendly but respectful nods of greeting to his colleagues when he arrived to take his seat. As befit his rank it was not high up the table, but that was fine. It disguised his occasional scrabble at his PADD to catch up details.

    Commander David Braddock blinked into existence, already seated, broadcasting via hologram from the USS Devonshire. He sat, hands clasped in front of him, quiet and still.

    The doors opened and in walked Commander Matt Alexander. He looked around and saw a few familiar faces. He rarely saw other commanding officers on the remote outpost of Hawkeye Island.

    Leaning back against the wall was Ryoko's hologram, flickering a bit, as she was still on route to the RSB and had to be present at the meeting itself.

    Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys sat against a wall in holographic form, mostly taking notes over anything else at this point. She was busy enough on SFA Bajor but still wanted to be here.

    Pleased with her new position, a small part of her lips curved up in a very un-Vulcan like smile, T'Prir Abbott walked into the briefing room and gave the Vulcan greeting to all in the room.

    He might have had about 2 minutes on Outpost Curtiss, but Commodore Jackson had made it back to Providence. It was part of the deal, he had to come back every once in a while for things like this briefing, and with his presence absolutely needed, he had to be there. No questions asked.

    He took his time heading back into the briefing room, it was a little packed but nothing like it had been before, it wasn’t his best mood today. He wanted to get in and get back to what he was doing. Nobody knew the deep, dark secret that he was hiding. He was still trying to sort out a way to get his family back without anybody knowing, or the movement knowing that he had told someone, or anybody. He just looked off into space, ignored the hellos and “Commodore Jackson” and took a seat at the front of the room.

    An Andorian Master Chief entered the room as the last officers filed in.

    "ROOM ATTENCH-HUT" he announced.

    VADM Banda walked swiftly into the conference room and took her seat at the head of the giant table. "Good afternoon everyone, please take your seats. Commander?" She asked the usual intelligence Lieutenant Commander at the head of the room.

    "Ma'am, as you can see from the map, there have been no major changes, although there are many upcoming RTC transits scheduled, per your orders," he mentioned.

    "Yes. We will see how the show of force plays out for both sides," Banda said. She saw Commodore Jackson in the room and smiled at him. "I hear we have an FRM update today, Nate."

    Completely oblivious to the fact that his boss had asked him to speak, he was off in la-la land, just off in space. That was until his aide tapped him on the shoulder; “Sir…” she said quietly to him.

    That tap got Nate out of his trance state; “Oh, sorry, Admiral. Daydreaming” that was the excuse, it had to fly.

    “Well, the Free Romulan Movement. What can you say but a bunch of no-good thugs. Recently we had to redevelop our strategy. I have had my teams working around the clock on a strategy that can give us the upper hand. The first part of that strategy has been implemented, all resources relating to the movement have been moved to Outpost Curtiss, which is outside of the corridor. It is our hope that the resources being away from the corridor, that we can better suit our needs and observe from this distance, ensuring that we have everything ready to go when the time comes that they want to again insert themselves in the corridor”

    He kept going; “I also have two ships working on different objectives. The first objective has been to prevent any further incursion into the corridor. Now, intelligence reports had determined that they will not try anything close to Deep Space 14, they are afraid of that area, the area they want to, and that we believe they will try to enter is here” pointing to a space between Deep Space 14 and what looked like a system either just inside the corridor, or on the border. A laser appeared on the map at F4, between DS14 and the Hydaranasz system.

    “The USS Cavalry will be, once they have finalized the transfer of the resources into Outpost Curtiss, will be departing to that area and will be on a patrol mission, we have also determined that a blockade of sorts will be inserted in place, and we hope that this will stop any traffic heading into the movement’s area, this region of space that they seem to have commandeered.”

    “My other concern is with this area (a laser circled E4 on the map) and I am deploying the USS Excalibur to that area also on a patrol mission, but also for another reason. We are attempting to get permission from the Romulan Senate, once they resume their session to gain access to the Unroth system, which is within their region. We believe based on intelligence reports that the Unroth system has their operational base, where they are leading this charge, where their leader is hiding”

    Banda paused and studied the map. The strategy seemed sound, although Banda was worried about the stress on her TFXO.

    "We are still scheduling the requested conference following the Romulan demarche for the Kumari's actions regarding the RNZ and within Romulan space," Banda said evenly. She had received a lot of flak related to the Kumari, now back under Colburn's command, after she refused to prefer charges and refer them to a court-martial despite the Board of Inquiry's recommendations. Starfleet Command had then opened up an inquiry of their own, yet after studying the evidence that implicated one of their Admirals, they knew they couldn't court-martial Colburn lest that information become public in open court.

    She turned to Nate and asked, "Do we have any indication that the FRM is acting in concert with the Romulans?"

    Romulans had been responsible for T'Prir's father's death. There was nothing more that she wanted than vengeance upon those castoffs. Of course, logic might state that she, herself had thrown off the pure shackles of logic when her father was killed and was more Romulan than Vulcan. Of course, she was not purely Vulcan. She was half-Vulcan, her father being human. Therefore, there was nothing wrong with her feeling these emotions, she reminded herself. She just had to control them enough to utilize her skills to eradicate her father's murderers, if they still existed. Therefore, she once again sat her attention to the meeting.

    “At the moment, there is no intelligence or anything of the like that the Romulans are aware of their movements, pardon the pun. We believe this group, this group of thugs are in it for themselves, they are separate to the Romulan Empire. They have the goal of securing their own region of space, with no regards to who already lays claim to it, they want to take the southern region of Romulan space between the Unroth and Desica systems, all the way through to Otha Prime and New Otha, then push into the corridor, taking the Iccobar system as the western border, closing off the corridor and therefore, crippling the Task Force, we would be split into two”

    “That’s their goal, according to intelligence reports. They want a free romulan state, a region that brings back what the Romulans use to be about prior to the hobus explosion and if that brings about cripilling a Federation Task Force, then they will take it.”

    "Yes... and the Romulan worlds that were ceded to the Federation only helped them advanced that goal," Banda thought aloud, ralizing the Treaty of Nelvana may have been a curse. "Ironic how it may have been better to have these worlds remain under the thumb of the Romulan Empire than part of the Federation. I do want us to keep an eye for any signs of coordination. My biggest fear is that the FRM and Romulans are working in concert to threaten the RTC."

    Banda paused for a beat before inquiring again, "Is there any information about the FRM interacting with the SoK?"

    Cerys glanced up at the mention of the SoK, curious what would be said, if there was any interaction. This is what she was working on, and any leads would be helpful.

    “Again, intelligence reports suggest nothing of the like, there has been rumours that there might be some possible incursions at some point, we did place a few systems on high alert just in case, namely around Smuggler’s Cove, but nothing has seemed to eventuate from it, but I’m probably not aware of any reports coming in on this one” was his reply.

    T'Prir looked at Vice Admiral, her eye brow raising, thoughts percolating in her head. She then looked at Commodore Jackson with a more skeptical eyebrow raise.

    Smugglers Cove... That brought up Tigan's attention. The previous Officer In Charge of Ajax had operated in there, developing Intel that could have helped prevent the Gorn Incursion if it hadn't been lost going up the chain of command. They might be able to operate in there again. They were going to raise alot less suspicion than any other ship in the Task Force. He made a note on his Padd, but otherwise kept silent. He still wasn't sure why he'd been included in the meeting.

    Banda nodded. "Thank you, Nate. This is great work and the upcoming negotiations will be crucial to gain insight into the FRM." Banda turned to the hologram of the Deputy Intelligence Director.

    "Commander Cerys, I know you are wearing many hats and you are out of pocket currently. Do you have any indications of the SoK reaching out to the FRM? I do not want to be caught in a chaotic situation in the RTC," Banda asked.

    Looking over at her name being mentioned, Amie shook her head. "Nothing that I've heard out here. But we are still searching for who it was that attacked the cadets, and really don't have any leads. If there are any whispers about the FRM, even in the slightest, you'll be the first to know."

    Nate made a note on his PADD to look into that one.

    "Yes. I appreciate that. I want us all to be thinking about the seams. We have found many connections in our quadrant. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We have seen pirates dealing with the FRM to procure a Starfleet vessel which would have been disastrous," Banda explained, referring to the USS Sentinel. "We cannot allow the centers of gravity of our adversaries to merge."

    Banda turned back to Nate. "Is there anything you would like to add, Nate?"

    “At the moment, unless there is anything else, I say I’m done” he replied.

    Banda nodded, turning to Commander Abbott. "N5, we need a plan drawn in the event we lose free navigability in the RTC."

    T'Prir nodded at Banda and replied evenly, "I concur. I believe that the RTC is greatly threatened at this juncture, regardless of reports. Our presence there is rather thin and with the recent events of the Kumari, I believe there will be much greater activity in the RTC soon."

    "Yes. Again, we will have to see how negotiations go. Yet we have two adversaries operating in the RTC fairly unchecked, between the SoK and FRM, without even considering what the Romulans may do. I want you to work with N4 to determine what sort of logistics support are needed to keep supplies flowing to the RSB. If we lose the RTC, we cannot lose an entire Sector Block along with it."

    Taking a deep sigh as Ryoko nodded slowly to the words of T'Prir, "My apology for the intrusion, the Commander is right. The RTC is a vital line for the Federation and all its partners. I also got reports from Astraea that Death Squad is poking the hornet nest at SoK, they might reach out to FRM."

    "Unfortunately, the most likely outcome of losing the RTC is the loss of the sector," T'Prir replied with some note of concern coming in her voice. "I will work with N4 but I would recommend further increasing our presence in the meantime. I do not think the Romulans nor the Free Romulan Movement will miss out on a chance to take advantage of this politically."

    Banda nodded. "I am telling you Commander, we will not be losing any sectors and I am warning you this is bigger than just one sector. The RSB will not be lost on my watch, not if I can help it. We all want more resources, yet the reality of the situation is that there are two full-scale wars occurring. What I need from you, N5 is what do we need to execute a plan to secure the contested corridor? With that in-hand, I can run it up the chain so we do get the resources needed."

    "Understood, Admiral," T'Prir replied with a slight nod of her head, her lips which were previously slightly curved up now moving to a straight line as she concentrated on the problem. "I will consider the problem, especially with the Gorn currently depleting some of our resources."

    "Yes. The biggest problem I have, is I cannot go to Starfleet Command and tell them send us more resources. We are so stretched thin, I need a very clear ask. How many, what type, and for what purpose," Banda smiled at the end. "I trust you will be able to draft an excellent OPLAN and I hope we never have to use it."

    Banda turned next to a hologram of a Lieutenant.

    "Lieutenant Tigan, I heard you were joining us today. Welcome to the O&I and it is a pleasure to meet you. Speaking of resources, I know we are sending you back on patrol in the RSB, which I am sure Captain Takato appreciates."

    "Glad to be done with the Ajax' refit and getting back into the stars Admiral." Tigan said with a nod from his place against the wall. "I've been going a little stir crazy stuck here on six eleven."

    "As I can imagine and so I've heard from Captain Rhodes," Banda smirked. "Welcome back to active duty."

    "Glad to be back Admiral." He said with a smile. "The refit's done and now I'm sorting volunteer applications."

    "A word of advice, if people are volunteering, take them. I have heard the detailers are having quite an issue of filling all billets aboard ships beyond just essential personnel," Banda replied.

    She then turned to a Lieutenant Commander, "Commander Rourke," she started. "Speaking of nefarious activities in the triangle, welcome to Task Force 93."

    Rourke put down his PADD, smile rather wry. "Thank you, Ma'am. Pleasure to be here, of course, however nefarious it might get."

    "Well, we almost lost a Starfleet vessel through a pirate transaction. I know it can get very worse, yet I sometimes I wonder, Commander. We will appreciate the Independence's help," Banda smiled.

    "I'm looking forward to getting out there, ma'am. Our border patrol should shake out any trouble if anyone - pirates or the Sovereignty - think our supply lines look appealing," Rourke assured.

    "Do not forget the FRM," Banda's smile almost disappeared.

    She saw the Commander's cheeks turn slightly red and turned to another Commander. Banda turned to a hologram of a Commander. "Commander Braddock, congratulations on your command of the Devonshire. How is the ship holding up after the battle?" Banda asked.

    "We're in pretty good stead Ma'am," Braddock began, before stopping to clear his throat. "Ahem, sorry about that. The Hawaii took the lion's share of the punishment in our last encounter, so we've been able to patch ourselves up en route."

    "Yes, I saw the after action reports," Banda's smile faded. "I know the Canterra Campaign has started and I wish you well. Please, let us know if you need anything further. Captain Ramsey is a very capable Theater Commander," Banda smirked at Captain Leslie Ramsey, the Gorn Theater Commander who was sitting nearby.

    "Thank you Ma'am, I won't hesitate to do so," Braddock replied, nodding. "The Devonshire and the rest of her battle group are due to arrive shortly in the Canterra system, preliminary scans show a definite enemy presence, but we're still to far out to get any precise information. I won't sugar coat it for you, you know the staffing issues we're facing in this region, it's been difficult but we've left no stone unturned, and managed to put together a fine crew, even if you do find oddities like a former Captain occupying the First Officer's seat. I'm confident with the firepower on hand we can push the Gorn fleet out of Canterra, and get to work reclaiming our planets."

    Banda nodded. She briefly glanced at the N1 at the remark about the First Officer. "Thank you Commander."

    "Commander Alexander, I hope we have not alarmed you too much and things have been going well in increasing our operations out at Hawkeye!" Banda said.

    There was a pause before Commander Alexander spoke up. "Everything is up to par. We have a few incidents and the Eternal Light is a pain in our side but Hawkeye Island is rising from the ashes." Matt looked around the table. "The politics of Hawkeye Island is another thing. Many of the locals consider this an invasion while others welcome Starfleet."

    "I do not think Hawkeye was ever dead, Commander. Definitely a sleepier base than now. Yes, I heard the latest press reports about that and our PAO is working on a response. Starfleet has always been on Hawkeye. The more we reinforce that narrative, the more this talk of invasion is seen for what it truly is, which is false."

    Matt looked over at the Admiral, "I'm afraid the Eternal Light has taken over the majority of the government. It's going to be a difficulty first few months but I'm sure my staff and I are ready for the task at hand."

    "But it will take more reinforcements to properly secure the sector. What are Starfleet's plans for that?" Matt questioned.

    Hearing the mention of Eternal Lights taken the majority of the government made Ryoko narrow her eyes "That is quite a claim Commander, be careful stating such claims at Raeya III," Ryoko shrugged a bit. "We need to get back to the basics with the RSB, show our face and true intentions..."

    "I agree, but on Raeya III, it is almost common knowledge which members of the Dytaal ally with the Eternal Light. Starfleet still has many allies and they have been keeping us informed."

    Banda blinked at the Commander's question. She visibly saw Commander Ko, the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), the senior lawyer of the Task Force, remove his glasses across the table and stare at the Commander.

    "We can discuss off-line, further Commander. I believe we just discussed those plans, yet it sounds like you may have specific concerns," Banda smiled, more at her SJA's reaction than the naive Commander. "Captain Takato, I appreciate the opportunity for discussion, yet we are already over time for this brief. I can discuss further in my office, if you would like. Otherwise, thank you everyone for the updates. Remember, the fight's on!"

    Banda stood up and everyone quickly rose to the position of attention. "Carry on!" she said before departing to the next meeting on her schedule, which she was already late.
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