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    The offender Miles O'Brien, human, officer of the Federation's Starfleet, has been found guilty of aiding and abetting seditious acts against the state. The sentence is death; let the trial begin.
    - Chief Archon Makbar, Cardassian High Court, 2370

    When Dukat brought us to the Dominion, he made us a client state, entirely dependant on the strength of the Jem’hadar and the kindness of the Vorta. We join the Federation not as beggars but as masters - to stand alongside Humanity and the Vulcans as its leaders, sharing a place among those who will bring order to this shattered galaxy!
    - Legate Praval Markot, Address to the Detapa Council, 2403

    They offered us their fleets. All we had to do to get them was accept their courts.
    -Rhia’val Daughter of Lor’na, Romulan Delegate to Greater Vulcan’s Council of Two, 2405

    From the archives of the President of the United Federation of Planets, 2403


    From: Lewis Parish, Office of Strategic Assessment, Starfleet Intelligence
    To: President Masako Havel, UFP
    Timestamp: 2403.184.1115.15

    Re: The Cardassian Union

    Madame President,

    In response to your query of June 20th, my staff and I have been reviewing the potential consequences of accepting the Cardassian application to join the United Federation of Planets. At this time, it is the feeling of my staff and I that this would not be in the best interests of the Federation for the following reasons.

    I : Starfleet

    While the incorporation of the fleets of the Cardassian Union would substantially strengthen our present military position and address the severe personnel and resource shortages currently affecting the fleet, it is the feeling of my office that the Cardassian tradition of compulsory service would dilute the highly trained pool of personnel that has always been Starfleet’s greatest asset. Further, the incorporation of Cardassian discipline and Cardassian military culture would almost certainly produce a Starfleet more militaristic, more rigidly disciplined and less willing to act on its own initiative. We feel that the increased dependency on centralized command would not be in the best interests of the fleet.

    Further, my office is compelled to note that any attempt to integrate Starfleet Intelligence with the revived Obsidian Order would risk introducing a culture of domestic monitoring and intelligence activities to an organization that has traditionally refrained from any such meddling.

    II : Internal Political Considerations

    The Cardassian Union, despite the reforms instituted by the Detapa Council, remains an authoritarian state. It is the feeling of my office that stretching the protections guaranteed to citizens of the UFP under the Constitution to accommodate the demands of the Cardassian courts and governmental system would result in a substantial decrease in the actual freedoms and rights afforded by those protections rather than raising the level of freedom within Cardassian society to an acceptable level. Further, we feel that a population accustomed to adjusting their political viewpoints to accommodate the reality imposed by their legal political leadership would be an extremely dangerous piece of leverage to hand to any standing government within the Federation Council.

    III: Diplomatic Considerations

    Needless to say, Madame President, the Bajorans are going to be extremely upset if this application is accepted. They’re already uncomfortable with the direction the Council is taking, and with the Coalition announcing itself to the quadrant as an alternative option for anyone who doesn’t like the look of our system, inviting the Cardassians in is just asking for more governments to jump ship. That doesn’t even count the governments we don’t have contact with at the moment, like the Betazoids and the Lagashi Republic, or the fact that what’s shaping up as the new Romulan Empire is probably going to view this as an extremely hostile move.

    In conclusion, Madame President, my office cannot under any circumstances recommend accepting this application.

    Contact Legate Markot with acceptance immediately. Reinforce Bajor with Task Group 3, Task Force 72 before public announcement. Reassign Commander Parish immediately - somewhere with weather to match his disposition.

    - Handwritten notation, Masako Havel.