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    Terror must be maintained or the Empire is doomed. It is the logic of history.
    -Spock, Mirror Year 2267

    The Mirror Universe? Yes, I have heard of that. My father described the Terrans as being like humans who knew when to fight. Today? Iím not certain how much difference there is.
    -Intercepted TalíShiar agent personal log, unknown author, unknown date

    And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.
    - Terran Proverb, Traditional

    Letter from Vice Admiral Carson Reese, Imperial Starfleet, [LOCATION REDACTED], to Admiral Alexandria Reese, Chief of Starfleet Operations, Earth, 2409.359

    My dearest daughter,

    The thirtieth year of the reign of our beloved Empress Sato the Fourth is coming to a close, and on this old, obscure holiday of Christmas I find myself with a few hours to reflect on how very far youíve come. I remember the day that I took you to watch the Empressís coronation, resplendent in your Academy uniform, with the fresh decorations from your dueling kills in the Ground Combat Championship gorgeous and crimson at your throat. I remember receiving the picture of your first day in your Lieutenantís uniform, no longer an ensign of no account but an officer of position and consequence aboard your ship.

    I remember the day you took command of the ISS Sovereign, and the first world you conquered from her bridge.

    It is not every man who has the pleasure of being surpassed by his own child and living to see it, and I have taken a great deal of satisfaction in watching the swath youíve cut across the Empressís court and how deftly youíve secured your position as her indispensable right hand in guiding our fleets to perpetual victory. Allow an old man the right, however, to remind you that you have many enemies who will go unseen until the moment they choose to strike, and that you must spend your power cautiously so that you have enough held back to defeat them. Those who rise highest, my love, have the farthest to fall.

    Work on the array continues, an ever-growing spider here in the dark hollow of the void where the light of the stars runs thin, and word from our agents on the other side remains promising. The Federation successor states stand at each otherís throats, one against the other, and of the remaining powers only the Romulan Dominion shows any sign of rising from the chaos into which it has fallen. When we have the means to bring our fleets across, we will sweep them from the skies and make a new conquest unlike anything that our Empire has known in its long history.

    It will be our familyís name etched on that conquest, Alexandria. If it is the last of my lifeís works, I will make it so.

    Kiss your mother for me,
    Carson Reese