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November 2017 Monthly Reports

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  • November 2017 Monthly Reports

    Task Force 99 Monthly Reports for November 2017

    Starbase 400
    USS Triumphant
    DFS Lavie
    USS North Star
    USS Sirius

    USS Templar
    USS Tigris
    USS Tyr

    USS Harbinger
    USS Calvary
    Starbase Liberty

    USS Exeter - ELOA
    USS New Hampshire
    USS Horizon
    USS Gemini
    DFS Phoenix

    Red = Not Turned In
    Green = Turned In
    Yellow = Exempt
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    Hello everyone,

    We are missing over half the reports fro this month and they were due on the fifth. Please be sure that you turn yours in on time in the future and please use the previous month and the current year for your report. For example as this 30 period was for November you would put November 2017 as the month for the report. If you have any issues or concerns and that is why your report is not being filed please reach out to me or the TFXO. We can only help you if we know what is going on. Do not just ignore this; we can't assist you if we do not know where you stand.

    Josh Hina