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Another new sim in Futility's End

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  • Another new sim in Futility's End

    It's my pleasure to announce a new is joining the Futility's End reboot in TF99. The Hawking Class USS Athena will join the Enterprise-F in re-exploring the final frontier following a devastating war with the Borg.

    Captain Nikita Voronina and the crew of the Athena is on doing the dirty work that needs to be done to avoid another Borg attack or any other threat that could jeopardize what remains of the Federation, exploring themes of covert operations, balancing sensitive lines of morality.

    Welcome to Task Force 99!

    Bravo Fleet CO - 1997-2005. Also former BFXO, BFJAG, BFOps, TF44 CO, TF58 CO, TF99 CO.

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    Thank you, looking forward to writing some adventures


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      Also, brilliant idea for you new FE folks to make Bajor the center of post-apocalyptic Federation. Never thought of it before, but that is absolutely the perfect idea.


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        Welcome to the new FE AU Sim!
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        ~ Former TFXO, HoH Admin and Academy XO ~