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  • Changes in TF99

    Good evening everyone.

    There's been some changes to Task Force 99 tonight. Sadly, I've had to remove to sims from the TF tonight for inactivity, the IKS HoS Suvwl' and the USS Harbinger. We've also removed the USS Template after the CO and most of the crew moved over to Futility's End and the USS Enterprise-F.

    However, there's some good news, please welcome the USS Phoenix to TF99 and the Asteria Group. The Phoenix is a Galaxy Refit and will be looking to fill most crew positions. Be on the look out for recruiting ads from the CO!

    I've already updated TF99's site.

    Bravo Fleet CO - 1997-2005. Also former BFXO, BFJAG, BFOps, TF44 CO, TF58 CO, TF99 CO.