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    (Considering how things deviate in the Nu/Kelvin timeline, for the sake of rehashing what's already known I'll post, and update events that happened between Into Darkness and Beyond as well as document events after Beyond.)

    2233: Destruction of the USS Kelvin

    2245: Launch of the prototype Starship Class SS Yorktown NX-1717. The project is deemed a success and more ships are ordered by Starfleet Command. However plans for a fleet are fazed out as advancements are made in technology; a new fleet of Constitution Class Starships begin construction at the Iowa, San Francisco, and Mars Plantia Fleet Yards.

    2258: Destruction of Vulcan by the war criminal Nero

    2259: Near destruction of Starfleet Headquarters by Khan Noonian Singh. Vengeance Class Dreadnought recovered from Earth and sent to Utopia Fleet Yards

    2260-2261: A top secret site is constructed on Ceti Alpha V to hold 73 cryogenically frozen people. Construction begins on starships Hood and Exeter at San Francisco shipyards.

    2262: The infamous purging of the group known as 'Section 31'. Officers related to the group are dishonorably discharged. Anyone still loyal to the late Admiral Alexander Marcus is either arrested or discharged. Reinforcement of the Klingon and Romulan Neutral Zones.

    2263: Based on the success of Starbase Yorktown, three more starbases are constructed. One of them Starbase Lexington. After it's completion Admiral Richard Barnett assumes command. Return of the USS Franklin

    2264: Conception of 'Project M1' by Dr. Richard Daystorm. Relaunch of the USS Hood. Proposal on Project Osiris by Dr. Carol Marcus

    2265: Launch of the USS Exeter under command of Captain Ronald Tracy.

    2266: The USS Exeter limps into Starbase Lexington, half of the crew dead including major members of the senior staff. As investigations are underway there are rumors of misconduct, mutiny, and murder. Admiral Barnett asks for a specialist from the USS Intrepid to probe Ron Tracy's fractured mind and determine if he's fit to stand trial for the various offenses he's caused. Meanwhile, Admiral Barnett has promoted an inexperienced lieutenant to command, while assembling a crew with no experience of working together to salvage the dignity and reputation of the Exeter.

    2266-2269: Three year voyage of the USS Exeter where they encounter the being known as Adonias, Unmask the klingon spy Arne Darvin, First (and only) contact with the Organians. Uncovers and foils a Section 31 plot to create war with the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Helps with reunification efforts with Romulus and the surviving Vulcans. Slight trouble on Planet Risa during shore leave.
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