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Any Interest in Another NX era game?

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  • Any Interest in Another NX era game?

    Posted this in the general convo thought I'd be task force specific and post it here as well.

    Hi all. My name is JP. I used to be a lot more active within BF but real life got in the way. Looking to start back up with an NX era sim. I'd like to start one from the ground up with a couple of like-minded players. I used to run the Leyte Gulf in TF99 a few years ago and a few other things. Tried starting a sim a while back and went through the process of making a site, coming up with a back story, ship logo, planning out missions... the whole nine yards and after extensive recruiting efforts,I got zero interest in it after all that so now I want to get a few people who are interested (something like 5 people) before going through that process.

    I already have a few things in mind for stories, and the like. Thinking about having it set in 2152-2153 or so. Maybe before or duing the whole Xindi thing. I'm not a huge stickler on continuity, so we can have an NX class ship that didn't exist before or whatever. Canon is flexible for me.

    So if you like the NX era and are looking for something new, reply here or send me a PM!
    CO- Discovery NX-04 , TF 99
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    As the other JP who has the only Enterprise-era game currently in Bravo Fleet, I wish you all the best in setting one up. The more NXs out there, the better! LLAP.


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      I'd love to see another NX era sim in BF and TF99. If you can get the players, go for it! We can help but sending out recruitment ads as needed too.

      Bravo Fleet CO - 1997-2005. Also former BFXO, BFJAG, BFOps, TF44 CO, TF58 CO, TF99 CO.


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        I'd probably join it

        Lt. Michael Anderson
        Chief Flight Control Officer
        USS Shepherd, TF38

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        Former Task Force 86 Commanding Officer
        Former Task Force 99 Commanding Officer


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          I am interested, but personal life is taken quite some time atm


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            Well I'll go ahead and get the ball rolling. Make a official pitch in a few days.
            CO- Discovery NX-04 , TF 99
            Ship Badge Creator